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  • complete IoT weather station
  • data immediately displayed on the website
  • easy and fast installation
  • solar charging (without sunshine up to 30 days)
  • completely own development, production and service
  • IoT network it doesn’t need WiFi or GSM signal
  • possible addition of more sensors
  • internal service LCD display

Maximum compact, completely autonomous weather station (not only) for paragliding.
Easy installation of one compact device. You don’t have to install individualy battery, solar power supply, WiFi or other data transfer.

I designed my own concept of a completely autonomous weather station suitable for paragliding (can be used elsewhere). It’s built on a perfect and tuned components with quality anemometer. The probe can be easily installed on the mast (or on a tree). Connect an anemometer or more sensors and it’s done! All data will be available online.

the weather station measures…

  • average wind speed (resolution 0.1 m/s)
    (average is calculated each 10 minutes from 120 samples)
  • wind gust (resolution 0.1 m/s)
  • wind direction (resolution 1°)
  • temperature + humidity (optional accessory)
  • battery level, charging status and charging current
  • overall probe status, reason for restart and internal temperature
example of installation

the weatherstation functions…

The weather station is completely autonomous. It doesn’t need anything else to run. In the minimal configuration there is a probe unit and the anemometer. An internal antenna for data transfer is also included.

The data can be displayed on, WindGuru portal or user defined API interface.

All data is sampled every 5 seconds, data transfer to the server every 10 minutes. Each measurement is calculated as 10-minute average value, except wind gust, which at this time is found as the maximum and sent. Sending data is using SigFox’s modern IoT network with cover covers most of Europe.

Power is provided by solar cell. Fully charged battery is still running for next 30 days completely without sun (reliably for winter operation). It automatically regulates and monitors the power supply, internally measures all important values ​​and is able to restart itself in the event of a problem. Additionally, this issue is reported remotely as a malfunction.

installation, setup, service…

inside look

Inside the weather probe is equipped with a clear graphic LCD display with automatic shutdown (for energy saving), two RJ-12 connectors for anemometer (port-WIND) and other sensors (port-EXT) and a set of three buttons. At any time during the installation or possible inspection, the operator can check all the measured parameters on site. The WIND port is directly ready to connect a quality anemometer from the company Davis Instruments, which is a good price / quality compromise. Especially in terms of winter operation and service lifetime. All you have to do is click a single connector, mount the probe on the mast, mount the anemometer and you’re done! The grommet in the lower part is so large that the cable with the connector passes directly through it, nothing needs to be cut, crimped, soldered, etc.…